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4 Qualities of a Good Dancer

Dance is an art and to perform art, an artist needs to understand the nuances, the messages, the stories behind every wave, swing, and fall. There is a famous quote that says- Dance is the hidden language of the soul. In a way, dance becomes so vital to an artist’s life, the artist starts living the dance throughout the practice. 

Sometimes, there are innate traits with which dancers are born but not all of them have the privilege to have every single trait. 

There are different sets of traits and skills that play a vital role in becoming a great dancer. Let’s see what are those skills or traits or qualities to pursue and practice for getting the tag of a good dancer. 

  • Motivation & Determination 

What’s your tea regarding choosing the dance? There must be some motivation that has incited the passion to pursue the dance. One should always use the motivational step to keep boosting their determination to stand out from the crowd. There is a goal to reach, there is a story to fulfill, there is a motive to finish- find your true calling and reach the top of the success. 

  • Discipline 

Practice makes perfect and discipline keeps you on track of the doing-it-everyday schedule. To achieve something, discipline plays a crucial role in honing the craft or move or swing. The temptation to do other activities comes from time to time but the discipline trait will prioritize the schedule straight and will not let the mind wander. 

  • Patience 

Patience is a magical trait that comes to everyone but very few understand and cherish it. Becoming a good or great dancer doesn’t happen in one class, one dance, or in one session. It takes months of practice to let the body understand every movement. 

  • Enthusiasm 

To become a master, first, become a student. One needs to have a burning-inside-the-heart kind of desire to get inside the dance world. The passion and enthusiasm together will ease the path of learning dance and honing a craft meticulously.

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