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12+ Dance styles to choose from with Ucanji

Ucanji is a dance platform that focuses on overall development, including emotional, mental, and physical progress. Being an online dancing platform, one can learn dance from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The platform gives you the ability to learn endless dance courses from the comfort of your own homes, charging a minimal fee as low as Rs 5/ day.

Ucanji Dance tutorials presently teach 12 different dance styles, ranging from California Pop to Kathak and Bharatnatyam. Let’s learn more about the dancing genres that not only improve dance skills but also aid in an individual’s complete personal development

Bollywood- Bollywood is a mash-up of several dance forms. Ucanji’s Bollywood dance exercise will help you learn the best Bollywood dancing routines. Ucanji dance lessons consist of recorded sessions ranging from beginning to advanced.

Bhangra- Bhangra is a professional dance form and if Bhangra is something that truly motivates to learn dance, then go for it. Ucanji is well-curated step-by-step for a beginner like you.

Hip hop- This supercool dancing style features street funk and consists of a fast succession of motions to raise the heartbeat. Now, Learn Hip hop with ucanji’s at all levels, from beginner to advanced for everyone including kids as young as 5 years old.

Waacking–Online dance classes for kids who want to learn this striking dance form. Let’s learn a fun way to express oneself through dancing. The dance forms characterize striking arm motions and on-point expressions.

Footstyle- The dance form focuses on the heavy, fast, and rhythmic movement of feet. The ucanji dance session helps you master by breaking down motions step-by-step.

Kathak- Kathak, one of the main genres of Indian classical dance is an amalgamation of music, dance and spectacle. Breaking the cultural barrier, the dance form transcends religious dichotomy. Intricate footwork accented by ‘ghungroo’ worn around the ankles and elaborated body gestures to communicate the story.

Dance-o-fit- With its free-flowing moves and body toning exercises,dance-O-Fit is an excellent dance style available on Ucanji’s online dance classes. Anyone, regardless of age, can register for Dance-O-Fit lessons online to improve total body fitness.

Contemporary- This modern dance blends aspects of modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet to create an expressive dance style. Unlike tight, regimented structure, dance is always improvising itself

Open style-
Hip Hop and street style and more dancing are embodied in Open Style Choreography. Learn this pop Culture dance form through ucanji online dancing lessons, which have been increasingly popular in recent years.

With Ucanji, learn one of India’s oldest classical dance forms, which is recognized as the mother of all other Indian classical dance styles. Eye motions, expressions, hand gestures, steps, and dancing are all meticulously choreographed and performed.

Ballet is an enthralling art form with a long and illustrious history. Ballet is characterized by beautiful, fluid movements. This mystical dance style uses dance to convey a tale or express a notion, concept, or emotion.

Popping- It is classified as a street-style dance form that began in California. The dancing style is characterized by the contraction and relaxation of muscles in response to the rhythms of music.

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